Isabelle Gore, MA.

Freelance translator for English and German
with experience in media, tourism, prose and journalistic texts.

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Freelance Translator
since 2017

Translator and editor with translation experience in journalism, media and literature.

Global Voices Translator and Editor
since 2014

Co-editor, co-admin and translator for the German-language site of the news blog Global Voices.

MA in Translation

Part-time degree at the University of Bristol with a dissertation in literary translation.

BA in English and Communication

Undergraduate degree at Freie Universität Berlin, including a year of studying abroad at the University of Bath, England.


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I am always willing to go the extra mile to ensure quality and make it my priority to produce results that I am proud of. This applies as much to translating and producing high-quality texts as to any other areas and hobbies in my life.


My eye for detail and observation skills may be a regular source of annoyance for my family, as I always manage to spot my mum’s latest purchases; but it is also a characteristic which is highly appreciated by the editors and authors that I collaborate with.


With regard to translating, I firmly believe that one of the most important characteristics of a good translation is that it is fit for purpose and suitable for the desired target audience.


Unless otherwise requested, I avoid purely literal translations and always aim at producing idiomatic texts which read naturally and fluently.

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I’m a freelance translator with a passion for literature and languages as well as a varied range of knowledge, acquired through miscellaneous experiences – be it through my studies, part-time jobs, or extra-curricular interests.

My areas of expertise include English literature and linguistics, communication and media, as well as various languages to different degrees of proficiency and last but not least, translation. An innate curiosity of other cultures, such as Japanese and Italian in particular, complements this knowledge.

Although I was born and raised in Berlin, my interests have often led me away from home. At 19 years old, after studying Italian all throughout high school, I decided to move to Milan for 4 months, where I interned at a fashion showroom.

Back in Berlin, I started a bachelor’s degree in English and Communication Studies. As part of my degree, I studied a year abroad in Bath, England, and enjoyed my time there so much that I decided to move to the UK permanently once I had graduated.

For 6 years I lived and worked in England, completed a master’s degree in Translation and found a companion for life, my now-husband. At the end of 2017, we decided to embark on a new journey and move to Germany.

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